How A Nigerian Governor-elect Was Disqualified – Nya-Etok

Ezekiel Nya-Etok said that no one should get too excited about the inauguration of Bola Tinubu on May 29, that anything might happen at the court.  Continue Reading>>>

Ezekiel Nya-Etok said that it has happened to several Nigerian governors, and might also happen in the presidential level this time around.

He said this while talking about the May 29 inauguration of Bola Tinubu with the media.Continue Reading>>>

He said “A Nigerian governor-elect (David Lyon of the APC) was disqualified from being the governor of Bayelsa state just one day to his inauguration.

The Bayelsa state governor-elect was already preparing for his inauguration when the court told him that he has been disqualified just a day to the day of his inauguration”.

“The Bayelsa state governor-elect was disqualified because his running mate wasn’t qualified to run for the position. The problem wasn’t from him, but from his running mate. And Shettima, Bola Tinubu’s running mate also has a case of double nomination at the tribunal which might jeopardize their chances of winning at the tribunal”.

“Imo state is also an example, the governor had already been in office close to a year, then he was disqualified by the supreme court”. The court has the final say, and justice lies in the hands of the court.

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