Social Media Reactions to Funke Akindele’s Brave Message on Depression are Emotional

Nollywood actress-turned-politician Funke Akindele has caused concern among fans with her recent tweet about depression. In the social media message, Akindele urged people to be kind to one another and conscious of humanity. Continue Reading>>>>

The actress tweeted: “Depression is real. Please be kind to others. Yes, don’t trade your happiness with anything, but still, be humane in all you do. We are all on a journey in this world. Be conscious. Be aware. Share. Make peace. Take risks and be grateful for success and victory. Yet be aware, love, forgive, and stay happy.”

However, some of her followers responded, asking if she was doing okay. Many of the comments offered support and encouragement to both Akindele and anyone else who might be experiencing difficult times. Continue Reading>>>>

@dreychino: “Big mummy. I hope you are fine. We need you to be strong for us! Keep loving you ma.”


@now14128311: How much have you lost for the election that makes you depressed, madam? Better days ahead, and keep your head up.”

One follower urged the actress to open up to trustworthy individuals if she needed help. Many tweets offered prayers and positive thoughts for anyone who was struggling, asking that burdens of depression be lifted. While Akindele’s original message was intended to prompt kindness and reflection, her fans quickly turned it into an outpouring of support for anyone who might need it. Prayer and positive affirmations appeared to be the order of the day in response to the original tweet.


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