Speakership: In the plenary, Gbajabiamila and Wase argue

According to Punch, Wednesday’s plenary session featured an altercation between the House of Representatives Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila, and the Deputy Speaker, Ahmed Wase. Continue Reading>>>>

Tajudeen Abbas and Benjamin Kalu were purportedly recommended by Gbajabiamila for Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the upcoming 10th House, earning them support from the in-power All Progressives Congress.

Wase is a member of the G-7, a group of candidates who are upset with the APC’s leadership zoning mechanism and who are considering running against the party’s nominee. Wase is targeting the position of Speaker. Continue Reading>>>>

A light order paper should be prepared for Thursday because the meeting should end by 2 p.m. so that members can attend an event at the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies, as Gbajabiamila requested toward the end of the session.

Wase expressed his displeasure at the announcement by saying, “Mr. Speaker, I’m getting to see this getting so hilarious, and we’ve lost quite a few periods of time. For the sake of God, commission projects! Why do we need to put off a lot of our plans only to attend the commissioning of a NILDS project?

“I’m pleading with you, sir, to perform our duties. Everyone has the right to travel if they so desire. However, this parliament’s principal duty is to enact laws, and we should put the needs of the people first.

In response, Gbajajabiamila said, “Perhaps, DS, you don’t understand the significance of NILDS as some of us do. The Deputy Speaker interjected, saying, “I think NILDS is very significant, and I have every detail and understanding of what NILDS is.

It was established by statute by this identical organization, the Speaker said. Let’s try to make it light and leave here by two. That was what I said when I announced that we weren’t adjourning the House to go to NILDS. By 10 a.m., if you’d like, we can continue. We will complete our work, but this House will adjourn at 2:00. Because the NILDS is significant to me, I will attend.

The Speaker was risen against, and Wase said, “The parliament is about us, not about ‘I.'”

Gbajaabiamila was stunned by the Deputy Speaker’s outburst and remarked, “Mr. Deputy Speaker, this is the first time in history…I’ve lived in this house for a very long time—possibly longer than anyone else…

The Deputy Speaker will challenge the Speaker’s remarks for the first time in history.

I don’t understand what you mean by challenging, sir,” Wase retorted. that I shouldn’t contribute my efforts?”

Gbajabismila ignored the Deputy Speaker’s final remark and said, “Chairman Business and Rules, please make the order paper very light. Tomorrow at 2:00 PM, this House will adjourn.

Strong evidence had arisen, as our correspondent had observed earlier on Tuesday, that the relationship between the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the House had deteriorated further, with Wase apparently avoiding meetings and exchanges with Gbajabiamila.

The Deputy Speaker is “angry” with the Speaker, according to a source in the House leadership who corroborated Wase’s recent disappearance in the leadership processions into the chamber on Thursday and Tuesday.

The official stated, “There has been development,” in a written statement to our correspondent. Wase is no longer present at the pre-plenum leadership meeting.

He no longer keeps up with the Speaker’s procession. He did it this week as well as last. He is furious. He seemed to no longer desire to approach Gbajabiamila. They attempted to change the house rules last week in an effort to reinstate secret ballot voting.

On May 17, 2023, there was drama on the House floor as members quarreled over the adjournment of the session for the National Assembly members-elect’s induction ceremony.

Newly elected and reelected members of the upcoming 10th National Assembly were introduced to legislative processes at the two-week induction ceremony, which ended last week. The first group’s sessions took place last week, while this week’s training sessions are for the second batch.

The House didn’t meet prior to the two-week ritual until May 4.

Invoking Order 6 Rules 1 and 2 of the House concerned with the privileges of members, returning member Ibrahim Isiaka raised a point of order as the House started plenary on Wednesday of last week.

Isiaka raised a point of order, saying, “My point of order is that today, as we speak, an induction program is ongoing at the International Conference Centre, and I am fortunate to be a part of Batch B with other members.”Due to the identical schedule last week, the House’s plenary was not in session. However, due to the plenary today, I must be present throughout this program and am unable to be appropriately accommodated at the induction ground. Because of this, Order 6(1), (2), and (3)’s privilege provisions apply to me.

“I ask that the House recess so that those of us who are taking part this week can finish the program before the House meets again following the program.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s suffered because of this. There are other members whose faces I have seen who have even protested in the same way about this House violating their privileges.

Wase, however, took issue with the decision to halt sittings for the induction ceremony.

Wase remarked, “I admire my excellent colleague, Hon. Isiaka’s viewpoint, but I believe, Mr. Speaker, that this institution has a rich history. There has never been a moment when the House has suspended plenary due to induction. And I’m not sure what percentage of individuals who were absent before are now returning to the House, given that we had to adjourn the House for induction.

“I believe that there are numerous challenges in the nation that we must address. Time is slipping away. For the week, Mr. Speaker, we have today and tomorrow; yesterday was lost. I wish to implore my brother to change his mind. It is a privilege, and in my opinion, it shouldn’t be…The days of sitting in the House are very clearly defined in our House Standing Orders, and nowhere in our rules does it say if we are doing induction. Sir, I want to beg you for that.

In the end, Gbajabiamila agreed that the house should break for the induction ceremony.

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