Tinubu Might Be Removed As President-Elect And Won’t Be Sworn-In- Liborous Oshom

President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s appeal before the Election Tribunal is being heard in public, and Mr Peter Obi and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, candidates for the Labour Party and the PDP, have petitioned for it to be televised live.  Continue Reading>>>

To maintain the seriousness and integrity of its proceedings, the Court, at its discretion, turned down the request for a live transmission. In its decision, the Court was very clear that it didn’t intend to emphasize legal matters.

Liborous Oshoma’s words were explicitly paraphrased by him when he remarked, “We APC are already aware that Tinubu might be removed as President-elect and won’t be sworn in.”I disagree that we should make such a comedy series out of our judicial work and legal election petition issues. Continue Reading>>>

But that should be allowed if you’re asking for the verdict to be transmitted.

However, if you are requesting the broadcast of the full trial, where people now gather to act on video rather than deal with the important matters of the law.

The live telecast of Peter Obi and Atiku would have set a bad precedent for the Nigerian court. Because if it were decided that it should stand, that ruling would likely set a precedent that the lower court would follow.

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