What a touching story, anyway 123yearz she is still pure, looking for a suitor

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According to Radio Jambo news report on their tweeter account, a 123-year old elderly woman has surprised many by narrating her difficult life of living for over a century without a husband or children.

The elderly woman from a village in Rwanda told Afrimax channel that throughout her life, she has never had physical contact with a man, let alone seen a man’s nakedness, and thus has lived as a virgin.

The elderly woman explained that it all started very early in the 1900s when she reached puberty in the traditional customs of her village. Girls were not allowed at all to interact with boys.

She said that following this cultural norm led her to completely isolate herself from men and ended up living a solitary life. She said,

“Throughout my entire life, I have never had a man; I am 123 years old. My story is a little different. It is true that I am a virgin. I used to think a lot about love when I was young, but I never had the chance to meet any man. I never wanted to interact with men at all. I was very afraid of men, and perhaps that prevented me from finding a partner throughout my youth. I would see men passing by our homestead, but I never had any feelings towards them. By the time I started having feelings of wanting a husband to marry me, I had already passed my youth. I had grown old, and that prevented men from approaching me or trying to court me.”

Despite her age, she has hopes that one day she will find a good man who will bring happiness in her life before her time in the earth comes to an end.

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Source : Radio jambo

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