“President Buhari’s Administration Made Things Better Than They Were” – Babatunde Fashola

Babatunde Fashola, the Minister of Works and Housing, asserts that, conditions are better now than they were, when President Buhari’s administration first entered office, as Buhari’s tenor is set to come to an end.  Continue Reading>>>

Fashola stated that, the changes made by the Buhari government, have had a positive impact on the economy, and have thus fulfilled the APC’s campaign slogan of change, in an exclusive interview with Channels Television.

Self-evaluation, in my opinion, is extremely difficult, but I also think that, we may learn from the feedback we get, from the clients we helped.  Continue Reading>>>

The comments are undoubtedly encouraging, and demonstrate that, the situation has changed from where we left it, demonstrating our progress. According to Fashola, we upheld our pledge to reform, by making improvements above what they were.

He continued, We also discovered that, at the time we conducted the poll, the cost of travel had reduced by around 55%, which is good news for the economy, given that, current inflation and cost-of-living increases.

He backed up his claim, with the reduction in travel time, on congested roads.

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