Demonstrators storm the Abuja Presidential Election Petition Tribunal and call for justice

The Court of Appeal Premises in Abuja, where the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal is meeting, has been overrun by hundreds of demonstrators.Continue Reading>>>

The protesting Nigerians demanded justice and the “return of their mandate stolen during the February 25 presidential election” on posters bearing various invocations.

The All Progressives Congress candidate Bola Tinubu was declared the winner of the 2023 presidential election, although certain parties and their candidates are contesting this outcome in court.Continue Reading>>>

Among the writings are the following: “INEC let Nigeria win,” No selling of Nigerians. We battle for justice. “A fraudulent election cannot produce a credible leader,” said President Muhammadu Buhari. “We stand for justice,” “Keep Your promise,” and “Occupy INEC now.” “Buhari Mr Integrity Sack Mahmood Now,” and “We Fight for a New Nigeria”.

The #Free Nigeria Movement-affiliated demonstrators reportedly chanted slogans calling for fairness and transparency in the tribunal’s judicial proceedings.

When speaking to the group’s followers, the convener, Dr. Moses Paul, asserted that while the group does not endorse any political party, it stands in support of justice and effective government on behalf of all Nigerians.

We are standing here, and the Appeal Court is currently making decisions; we are demanding that the correct thing be done.Any judge who decides to do the wrong thing so that Nigeria can fall apart, whether it’s collecting money or choosing to ignore the Nigerian constitution, e no go better for una!

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