“If Peter Obi Had Won 2023 Election, Nigeria Would Be In Trouble” — Oyo Labour Party Gov. Candidate

Tawfiq Akinwale, the Oyo State Labour Party (LP) candidate for the 2023 governorship election, has stated that Nigeria would have been in grave danger if Peter Obi had won this year’s presidential election. Continue Reading>>>

According to Mr. Akinwale, Obi’s attitude demonstrates his intolerance for his Muslim countrymen.

This was stated by Mr. Akinwale during an interview with Symfoni News, a social media-based news platform monitored by SaharReporters. He faulted Peter Obi for the defection to other opposition parties of a number of the party’s governorship candidates, primarily from the North.Continue Reading>>>

He said, “The Peter Obi you know is a fraud; the Peter Obi you know is an imposter. This country’s leadership should not be entrusted to Peter Obi, as he is a chauvinist and therefore unfit for the position. God Almighty deserves praise for preventing him from winning the election. If he had been elected, Nigerians would have been in grave trouble due to his attitude.

“What I witnessed, and I could be wrong, is that twelve of us ran for that election, twelve Labour Party candidates for governorship across the country. You are aware that some jurisdictions did not compete at the time. But of the 12 of us, I was the only one who happened to be Muslim, and I observed that during the campaigns, the governorship candidate of Sokoto defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC) because he did not introduce himself when he went on the campaign trail.

“He didn’t make him relevant at all. He did this to the candidate for governor of Taraba and his running mate, and he did the same to the candidate for governor of Kano. As a result of Peter Obi’s attitude towards them, they resigned prior to the election.

Mr. Akinwale did not conceal his glee at Obi’s defeat in the February presidential election, as he believes Obi is a politician who has abandoned politics for tribalism.

He continued, “I am glad that he did not win, not because of anything in particular, but because such an individual should not be entrusted with the very serious task of leading this country. A nation that has no religion. A nation that is not a tribal nation.

“Had I not spoken about his altitude before the leaked conversation (with Bishop David Oyedepo), people would have said I only linked it to the audio because I did not tell the world about his altitude; this leaked audio was released two days after I told the world about his altitude.”

“I also observed that he did not campaign in any mosques or at any Muslim gatherings. I conclude that this individual is not at all tolerant based on the aforementioned factors,” he added.

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