Reactions to Adamu Adamu’s claim that before being appointed minister, he knew nothing about the education sector

Mallam Adamu Adamu, the Minister of Education, reportedly admitted on Thursday to not having any background in education when President Muhammadu Buhari nominated him in 2015.Continue Reading>>>

He shared this at his farewell gathering with department heads and ministry officials.

After being appointed, Adamu shared his vision with the people he had enlisted to help him formulate an educational agenda.Continue Reading>>>

Adamu admitted, “I understood absolutely nothing about education before I was named Minister. Since I was just starting out in my new role as Minister of Education after Buhari’s appointment, I solicited the aid of several colleagues to help me draft a policy statement on education.

I told them about my plan, and they were really supportive; I will be forever grateful to them for all the aid they gave me.

The task of advising the President on potential cabinet members for 2015 kept me quite busy. I was taken aback when he abruptly called out my name. We worked together until next year.

A president working with the same ministers for four years was rare in our society, so I addressed the President in 2019 and advised he reorganize his cabinet.

The ministers had been granted extra four years of service by Buhari’s generosity. The average tenure of a minister is two years before a cabinet reshuffle.

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When PUNCH announced the news on their official Twitter account, it prompted the usual responses.

Why are you informing us now?” asked Trust, a Twitter user. I don’t understand why you didn’t just say no right away. Just take the loss!

To which Specter said, “Of course we know, and that’s one of the problems we have with the majority of the people in such positions. They’re just wasting time there.

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