You said Late Tafawa was received by US vice president in late 60s not by President-Tarka to Rufai

Christopher Tarka, the Deputy Secretary of the APC Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), addressed Rufai Oseni, an Arise TV anchor, stating that what he claimed was that former Nigerian Head of State, the late Tafawa Balewa, was welcomed by the Vice President of the United States in the late 1960s and not by the President.  Continue Reading>>>

During an interview on the Morning Show program on Arise News, Christopher Tarka responded to Rufai’s statement about America sending a lower-ranking officer to witness Tinubu’s May 29 inauguration instead of the Secretary of State.

Earlier in the program, Rufai Oseni questioned how Christopher Tarka would explain that Nigeria, which was once so prosperous, had its leader, Tafawa Balewa, welcomed by the American Vice President during his visit in 1960, whereas now, during Nigeria’s presidential inaugurations, there are no high-ranking officers like the Secretary of State present.Continue Reading>>>

Christopher Tarka reacted by pointing out a distinction, saying, “You mentioned something; let me clarify. You said that late Tafawa Balewa, when he visited America in the 1960s, was received by the Vice President of America, not by the President of America…”

Tarka went on to suggest that perhaps people are overly focused on these protocol matters.

“Recently, during the inauguration of the Kenyan President, it was not our President who attended; it was our Vice President. Should Kenya perceive Nigeria as lacking respect for them?”

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