I’m a full PDP member and do not support the APC, Wike

Wike was live on BBC news and he was asked some questions which he replied. According to him, he said that he voted for Tinubu because he believes he’s the right person to rule Nigeria, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a PDP member.Continue Reading>>>

He also said that Tinubu have capacity and he also has a good track record. According to the news that was shared by BBC news on Facebook, Wike said that if you can rule Rivers state and Lagos state, there’s no country you can’t govern because those states are very difficult with population. He was also asked some question regarding Rotimi and Wike said that Rotimi did not support him in becoming the governor, but he’s glad he won the governorship election.

According to Wike, he said that despite the voted and supported Tinubu, doesn’t mean that he’s not a member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He said he supported Tinubu because he’s competent enough than other presidential candidates Wike also made a statement saying:Continue Reading>>>


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