Correct The 25% FCT Issue Before Swearing In Tinubu; Otherwise, Nigeria Will Catch Fire, Group cautions

According to PunchNews, a civil society group affiliated with the Coalition for the Protection of Democracy (COPDEM), the platform said over the weekend whether Bola Ahmed Tinubu had been sworn in as president without any legal disputes being resolved, specifically the 25% issue.Continue Reading>>>

In the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) vote, Nigeria will catch fire and turn the constitution on its head.

While protesting in black in Asaba, Delta state, COPDEM said the nation’s mood did not reflect the impending change of government.Continue Reading>>>

Speaking to Mr.Ken Pela, on behalf of the coalition, said the nation was in mourning.

He said: We’ve never had a situation where the mood during a change of government was like this.

For the first time, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Being a new government looks and feels like death.

We are in a situation where truth is being suppressed, our values ​​are being killed and it has nothing to do with supporting Peter Obi and he has not been declared the winner.

It has to do with the fact that the process failed, it has to do with the fact that for the first time, we are going to swear in a president who does not meet the requirements of the constitution, he told the group, demanding that Tinubu should not be sworn in, until the constitution is ratified, adding that the nation must make decisions.

We could have held a new election. Datti Baba Ahmed said recently that they got results, let them go, and submit 25% in DCR.

Even if you say the man qualifies, once you swear him in without meeting the 25% constitutional requirement, you’re saying the Constitution is dead.

We cannot assess the consequences of what they want to do by swearing him in, he explained.

He said the court had not helped the matter and pointed out that the judge who was supposed to rule on the question of the 25% of the FCT failed to appear in court on the last two adjourned hearings.

The judge who was scheduled to hear the case and render a verdict on the 25 percent issue on Wednesday did not appear.

They said he went to a conference and they should come back on Friday.

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