‘I’m Not Sure If Obi Was Invited’- Tai Obasi

The President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, will be sworn in today, May 29th, and all preparations have been made to ensure a smooth transition. Some African presidents and a US delegation have arrived in the country for the occasion.  CONTINUE READING>>>

According to reports, other political parties and their presidential candidates were invited, and many people are wondering if those presidential candidates will attend the inauguration.

Tai Obasi, Peter Obi’s aide, has stated unequivocally that the former Anambra State governor will not attend the inauguration.  CONTINUE READING>>>

Tai Obasi, explaining why Obi will not attend the inauguration, stated that Peter Obi is still contesting Tinubu’s election victory in court, thus it would be irrational for him to attend the inauguration.

Further, he stated that he is unsure if Obi was received an invitation, but he can confirm that he will not be attending the inauguration.

According to The Punch, “my principal is a very humble and reasonable man who is always looking for peace and unity of the country at all costs.” But it will be strange for him to attend a ceremony honoring a man whose election triumph he is contesting in court.

My principal cannot be so strange and unreasonable. I’m not sure if he was invited to the swearing-in ceremony. But I assure you that you cannot see him there.”

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