Reactions to Tinubu’s claim that his government does not provide for fuel subsidies

As Nigeria ushers in its 16th Commander-in-Chief, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the country is abuzz with his declaration that fuel subsidies will be removed. Speaking in his post-inauguration speech at Eagles Square in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Tinubu stated that after glimpsing the current budget, there would be no provisions for fuel subsidies in his government. He further emphasized that the fuel regime was gone. Continue Reading>>>

Tinubu argued that fuel subsidies could no longer justify ever-increasing costs, especially with drying resources. Instead, he insisted that funds would be channeled into infrastructural and social development. This declaration has sparked a variety of reactions from Nigerians who are divided on whether or not Tinubu made the right decision.

Some have praised his bold move, stating that the highly controversial subsidy should have been removed a long time ago. Others, however, expressed concern that the removal of the subsidy could lead to a surge in fuel prices and ultimately cause a ripple effect throughout the economy. Continue Reading>>>

Nevertheless, Tinubu remains resolute in his decision, emphasizing that his administration will focus on growth and development in a bid to move Nigeria forward. As he begins his tenure, it remains to be seen whether his decision will be effective in achieving his goals, or if it could cause unforeseen consequences for the country.

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