‘Don’t create artificial scarcity’ – Akeredolu

Ondo State’s Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu has cautioned fuel station owners and marketers not to stockpile Premium Motor Spirit, or PMS, sometimes known as gasoline. CONTINUE READING>>>

Long lines appeared at gas stations around the state, particularly in Akure, the state capital, according to Akeredolu, making the warning urgent.

The governor gave the order for all gas stations in the state to dispense fuel into their tanks, according to a statement released by his chief press secretary, Richard Olatunde, in an effort to relieve residents of the lengthy wait times at gas stations.CONTINUE READING>>>

Akeredolu, in the meantime, gave the Governor’s Task Force orders to travel the state and deal firmly with any gas station stockpiling the product.

According to DAILY POST, the product has once again become scarce in the state as of Tuesday. As a result, huge lines developed at certain filling stations because they would not dispense the product to clients.


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