New Rivers State Governor Fubara Declares His State A Christian State – Reactions

In recent news, there have been reactions to the declaration made by the newly appointed Governor of New Rivers State, Siminalayi Fubara, declaring the state a Christian state. This declaration has sparked a range of opinions on social media, particularly on his Twitter account.  CONTINUE READING>>>

It is important to note that Governor Fubara assumed power recently, succeeding the previous governor, Wike, who served for eight years. In a recent tweet, Governor Fubara stated that God will serve as the cornerstone of Rivers State, and he pledges to govern the state in a God-fearing and Christian manner.

He emphasized that the Christian faith is the foundation of Rivers State, and his administration will uphold Christian principles such as honesty, integrity, compassion, and service.


However, some viewers of the tweet expressed their displeasure, arguing that the governor should not portray the state in a religious light and that governance should be inclusive of all religious beliefs.

The responses to Governor Fubara’s tweet varied, reflecting the diversity of opinions on the matter. Some people supported his declaration, appreciating his commitment to upholding Christian values in governance. Others raised concerns about the potential exclusion of non-Christian residents and emphasized the importance of religious tolerance and inclusivity.

In conclusion, Governor Fubara’s declaration of New Rivers State as a Christian state has generated mixed reactions on social media. While some people expressed support for his commitment to Christian values, others raised concerns about inclusivity and the need to respect religious diversity. It is a topic that sparks discussions and opinions among the public.

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