Tension Mounts as Police Seal Plateau State Assembly

The Plateau State House of Assembly finds itself in a state of tension as the police have once again sealed off the facility. CONTINUE READING….

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Gwottson Fom, a member representing the Jos South Constituency, who spoke out about the situation on Wednesday morning, confirmed this.

Expressing his condemnation of the police’s actions, Gwottson lamented that the sealing of the Assembly prevented lawmakers from reconvening for the scheduled plenary session on Wednesday. 

He stated, “Yesterday (Tuesday), we conducted our plenary without any issues. We deliberated on important bills and passed motions for the betterment of our constituents. Today (Wednesday), we intended to continue our legislative duties, only to be confronted with the police’s blockade of the complex.”

Expressing frustration, Gwottson continued, “As lawmakers, we are perplexed as to the cause of this new obstacle that led to the police sealing the state Assembly complex once again, impeding us from fulfilling our duties. We will hold a press conference to shed light on the situation in Plateau State because the actions of the police are an attempt to undermine democracy.”

This recent sealing of the Plateau State House of Assembly comes after a two-month closure initiated by the police high command. During this period, police personnel were stationed daily at the Assembly complex.

It was only on Tuesday, less than 24 hours after Caleb Mutfwang assumed office as the new governor, that the lawmakers were finally able to hold a plenary session.

In response to the unfolding events, the police clarified that the sealing of the complex was carried out to prevent a breakdown of law and order amidst the ongoing leadership crisis within the Assembly. 

Ayuba Abok, the representative for Jos East Constituency, and Yakubu Sanda, the counterpart from Pengana Constituency, had been embroiled in a legal battle over the position of the Assembly’s Speaker.

When contacted for comment regarding the latest barricade of the Assembly complex following Tuesday’s plenary session, Alabo Alfred, the spokesperson for the state Police Command, stated, “The police will not allow themselves to be entangled in the state’s political affairs. Our responsibility is to uphold law and order, and that is precisely what we are doing at the state Assembly complex.”

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