You’re hypocrites, SDP’s Adebayo To labour unions

The presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party SDP during the 2023 general election, Prince Adewole Ebenezer Adebayo, yesterday criticised the Labour unions’ hypocritical attitude towards the fuel subsidy debacle.  CONTINUE READING>>>

He said the unions were in support of all the three major parties(especially the Labour Party which is supposed to be pro-workers interest) that promised to remove the fuel subsidy if voted in office.

According to Vanguard, He questioned why the same unions, particularly the Trade Union Congress TUC, were condemning President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s announcement that the subsidy would be removed.  CONTINUE READING>>>

He said, “They worked with the political parties to support the withdrawal of the subsidies. Now that the government that implemented that policy is no longer in power, the labour movement is eager for negotiations and discussions. They avoided engaging in negotiations.

Vanguard report that, Adebayo argued that the workers unions should have confronted the Buhari administration (the process’s original instigator) while it was still in power rather than whining so late in the day about the withdrawal of fuel subsidies.

He questioned why they were whining now when, in reality, everyone supported eliminating the fuel subsidy, including the Labour party (which was supposed to represent workers and unions).

Vanguard report that, He claimed that when the Appropriation Act 2023 was passed, neither the TUC nor the Labour Party were abroad. Where were they going to discuss that matter?They chose the candidates who declared they would abolish subsidies when the issue of whether to elect a government that would do so was still up for debate. We won’t fix this problem as long as we keep allowing people to abuse the leadership of Nigerian workers. There are two possible stances on subsidies.

Do or do not remove. They supported the removal position. They were also present when the most recent administration passed the PIA. PEGASSAN, the industrial union that stood in for them, backed it. The subsidies must end, declared PEGASSAN at a meeting in Calabar.

The Appropriation Act was passed during campaign season. The government approved the law without them engaging in conflict or disagreement with it. We are having this conversation now because of what I believe to be the president’s error in making a policy declaration on that delicate topic in his inauguration speech, which has now led to some confusion before the policy would go into force.

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